ExecReps, Inc.

ExecReps, Inc.

Exec Reps

First established in 2010, ExecReps connects thousands of highly experienced executives with various board seats and advisory roles each year. Members of ExecReps not only gain access to the firm’s leading board seat consideration platform, but also have the opportunity to network with leading executives in a variety of industries. ExecReps’ members also have the option of participating in flexible and convenient one-time meetings with expert advisors, while filling their board with qualified individuals. The ExecReps platform was developed based on common experience points and characteristics of successful director candidates, as well as a patent-pending research process that looks at current board and advisory space trend data. By bringing this information together, the platform ensures the firm’s members gain exposure and experience within the areas where they can serve as qualified board candidates. Members searching on ExecReps’ platform can view current board opportunities, participate in board memberships, and request strategic introductions. The board-eligible database is searched by lead directors, CEOs, and chairmen from such companies as Dole and AOL, and is clearly organized by industry and expertise. Leading executives on the database come from a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and can be categorized by region, revenue, and committee relevance.

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