We Build Companies...From Our Airplane Hangar in Marin County, California

We Conduct Monthly Off-Sites, Countless Brainstorming Sessions & Endless Business Model Iterations…
All To Develop a Select Handful of Companies We Launch Each Year

Our Story

At Verb Ventures, we come up with hundreds of new business ideas, launching a select few startups every year from our airplane hangar in Marin County, California. Our team develops all the new companies we launch, and self-funds the ventures as we scale certain businesses. Many of the companies we have started have been the first to introduce new business models in their industries.

Our Exits

Aspatore Books (acquired by Thomson Reuters) was the first business book publisher to focus exclusively on active C-Level executives as authors, publishing over 4,000 top executives and becoming one of the five largest business book publishers in the world in a nine year period. ExecSense (acquired by the Financial Times, a division of Pearson), brought eLearning to executives in a webinar format, and set the precedent for professionals paying for webinars as a highly targeted and time efficient e-learning tool.


Our Current Focus

The ExecRanks, currently the largest Verb Ventures company, has developed an exclusive platform that enables executives to take a proactive approach to professional opportunities and advancement, and a first-of-its kind way for companies to simply and more cost effectively connect with top executive candidates.

WonderDads is a first-of-its-kind resource for Dads, with over 50,000 users and a new Dad signing up every 7 minutes. The WonderDads platform enables Dads to save all their Dad stuff, all in one place, all in their account on WonderDads.com.

Our Past & Future

Verb Ventures has thrived on developing new business models, products, and services. We look forward to continuing to innovate and launching new startups around the exciting wave of disruptive technologies that are sure to be on the horizon in the near future. Verb Ventures was founded in 1999 by Jonathan Aspatore, a serial entrepreneur based in Marin County, California.


Verb Ventures is Hiring!

Interested in joining one of our companies, or being an entrepreneur-in-residence and heading up one of our new beta companies? Please use the contact form below and tell us about your background and what makes you a unique candidate.

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